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Car Air Conditioner Problems

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Car Air Conditioner Problems

If you notice an inefficiency in your air conditioning, or it takes a long time to cool down, or maybe it is cold at first and then runs out quickly to send you humidity, then your air conditioning is not cooling at all. The problems can be multiple. Let’s see what can go wrong and what consequences there can be.

Not only problems are many and different, but also the cost also varies a lot between one malfunction and another. Some car repairs drive you to sell any car in Dubai instead of putting up with unbearable heat and high bills.

For example, if the cause is that the gas load is too low, recharging your air conditioning is about AED 250. 

If the air conditioning compressor leaks or malfunctions, that will build up the bill by somewhere between AED 100 and 3000. 

However, if the problem is in the condenser which cools the compressed gas,  fixing it will cost about AED 300.

The air conditioning circuit has a lot of elements, which means many possible sources of breakdowns. Here are the elements that can cause your air conditioning system to fail:

  • Gas Leak in the circuit at the pipe level: as the gas escapes, we lose the pressure in the circuit.
  • Ac Compressor: Although the compressor lifespan is long, it may break down. Like the leak, a faulty compressor can no longer compress the gas, and therefore there will be no cold air through the expansion.
  • Compressor Pulley: Although that is rare, if the pulley is out of order, the compressor no longer works.
  • Pulley Clutch: That reason is more common. When the compressor pulley clutch is out of order, there is no more movement and therefore no more air conditioning.
  • Faulty Condenser: when not working properly, it no longer allows the liquefaction (condensation) of the pressurized (and heated) gas by cooling the latter. The problems are generally more on the side of the fan located in front of the radiator.
  • Out of order Drier: it no longer filters impurities and water in the fluid, which results in the degradation of other elements such as the compressor or the expansion valve.
  • Regulator: The problem here is not pressurization, but decompression.
  • Overpressure in the Circuit: When the sensor (pressure switch) detects high pressure in the circuit, it cuts off the air conditioning for safety.
  • Faulty Sensor: if a sensor no longer works, it provides false information to the computer that cut off the conditioning process.

If the temperature sensor in the passenger compartment no longer works, the automatic air conditioning can no longer modulate the ventilation. 

When the automatic air conditioning does not know what is happening in the car in terms of temperature, it no longer knows what to do, or it will do anything if the sensor sends erroneous information, such as an overestimation of the car’s temperature.

  • The pressure switch controls everything according to the pressures it measures. When it malfunctions, it can induce the non-operation of the circuit.
  • A faulty Thermostat at the evaporator level can lead to the non-operation of the air conditioning.
  • Blower Circuit: Even if the refrigeration circuit of the air conditioning is functional, the Ac will not function due to a fault in the ventilation circuit. If the heating flap is blocked in the open position, then the cooled air by the evaporator will reheat. 

The problem will be the same if the air conditioning computer malfunctions, it will no longer control the components linked to temperature regulation correctly, and this could lead to erratic operation.

If you own a car with faulty air conditioning, you should calculate if it is better to repair or sell at is. But be careful, in a hot country like the UAE, a faulty AC will affect the price when selling a car in Dubai.

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