December 9, 2022

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Ericsson’s Magnus Gunnarsson on 5G’s car likely

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He spoke with Deputy Mobility Editor Pete Bigelow about Ericsson’s work with automotive companions and 5G’s wide potential. Right here are edited excerpts.

Q: What is actually the large deal with the changeover from 4G to 5G? Can you set the phase for what it means in the auto market?

A: Fundamentally, the fourth technology of cell networks that have grow to be commonplace all over the earth, that function has been predominantly for particular person-to-particular person or location-to-put use instances. In essence, it can be individuals speaking with folks or the Online. With the progress and introduction of 5G, this has altered. We are now extremely substantially discussing and developing the architecture and technological innovation for [Internet of Things] use situations — gadgets communicating with other products or the cloud. This is why Ericsson is especially intrigued in the automotive room. There is no other IoT use circumstance that has the same sort of magnitude and complexity as automotive.

Q: I recognize the great importance of 5G in putting completely autonomous cars on the highway. What is the purpose of 5G in driver-aid functions?

A: Vehicles are most likely going to have steering wheels for a very long time, and they may be self-driving in specified environments, like on highways. In order to make that come about, autos will need computing power, no matter whether they are connected or not. At the exact same time, they will have to count on over and above line-of-sight info, and have a a great deal bigger frequency of updates. We’re discussing this with OEMs we are functioning with. They are now taking into consideration that they ordinarily only do above-the-air updates when the motor vehicle is standing still, but they are now considering updates in tiny patches, especially inside navigation and sensors, though the auto is in procedure.

Q: Who are you performing with on the automotive front?

A: Our launch customer and the a person driving our improvement from an automotive viewpoint has been Volvo Vehicles. We have been connecting with them just about all in excess of the environment since 2013.

Q: Probably this is a fundamental question, but how quickly does 5G will need to be to deliver the general performance desired in a environment where security is important?

A: That is a superior dilemma, and when we’re searching at pace, it is really significant to say there are two sorts of speed. Very first, we have the information transmission, how lots of gigabytes can be transferred in a specific time body. A huge amount of details. But you can find yet another form of speed — not a large amount of facts, but incredibly lower latency, so we can get info into the automobile when calling upon the cloud. That is a little something going on in our engagement with various automakers. They are building their next era of vehicles for very lower latency networks. It has implications for providers like Ericsson, but also on cloud vendors, who need to have to deploy in a lot more dense destinations. Normally we use “edge computing” when we’re discussing this, but it has a lot of distinctive components, and 5G is one element.

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