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Here’s The Real Story Behind Iron Resurrection

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It’s normal, much like real life, and plenty of car guys consider this show to be one of the best things to watch when it comes to car TV.

For those of us whose entertainment starts and ends with everything on wheels, there are only so many car-based movies we can watch or strange car-crazy stunts we can take. For real entertainment, we need reality TV, and not the kind of stuff shown in MTV’s Pimp My Ride where everything was fixed only to look good, and usually fell apart as soon as the unsuspecting guests drove their sparkling rides home. So sure, the cars may have had a cotton candy machine in the trunk or even featured a UFO landing pad on the roof but Pimp My Ride as a show did nothing to truly fix the cars when it came to the insides.

This is where Iron Resurrection steps in. This Motor Trend show, owned by Discovery, takes cars that are branded as irredeemable, and makes them new, from the inside out, bettering them in the process. There is little to no drama on the show, no tempers sizzle and no patience frays, and people don’t try and plot to kill each other or each other’s cars.

It’s normal, much like real life, and plenty of car guys consider this show to be one of the best things to watch when it comes to car TV. So here’s the true story behind the Iron Resurrection, the cast, and more importantly, what the future holds for it…

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The Power Couple Behind The Show

The Show Iron Resurrection Is All About The Comings And Goings At Martin Bros Customs, A Car Shop In The Texas Hill Country

Via YouTubeTV

The show Iron Resurrection is all about the comings and goings at Martin Bros Customs, a car shop in the Texas Hill Country that was known for its great work even before the show started. While it may be called Martin Bros, because of Jason and Joe, the power couple behind it is Joe Martin and his wife, Amanda.

For Joe, it all started when he was on the Biker Build-Off on Discovery and soon after started a bike shop. In fact, he used to work on cars only but later because of his win on the Discovery show, he began working on motorcycles as per popular demand in the ‘90s. A sudden market drop downed the shutters on that but soon enough, he got back to his first love, fixing up classic and old cars.

But how did Martin become a reality TV star, and get his own show? The answer is simple. His win at the Biker Build-Off endeared him to the producers, and they approached him to create new content for the Velocity Channel (which later became Motor Trend Network). The Martin Bros made a teaser reel and it clicked, and so Iron Resurrection was born, for a five-year contract. Jason Martin is one of the producers of the show today and handles the behind-the-camera stuff, while Joe Martin and his best friend, Jayson “Shag” Arrington are the ones who are mostly working on the cars, along with the rest of their team. Amanda Martin, Joe’s wife, is the financial whiz, being from a banking background, and is the one who gets them all the cars they need for cheap, having an encyclopedic knowledge about every barn and car shed in the area.

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What Makes Iron Resurrection Different?

Till Now, There Have Been Four Seasons Of The TV Series 'Iron Resurrection', The Last One Beginning February 2020 And Ending April The Same Year

Via TheCinemaholic

The Martins do not believe in any kind of drama. So sure, much like any car shop, or even any workplace for that matter, there is a certain camaraderie between the cast and it shows in the jokes and the pranks between them all – but there is no tension, no excessive use of bad words and force, and not much stress between the crew. And the reason for all of this is simple, Joe Martin believes that none of them are actors, so trying to act out drama for viewership is something best left to the professionals.

The second difference is that the cars were created on the show are not dramatic either. There’s no OTT pimping, or hot rodding as shown in previous shows like Vegas Hot Rods. This is a show that takes an old and nearly dead car and painstakingly revives with authentic and modern parts, breathing new life into it from inside out. The cars that Iron Resurrection makes are not tricked out, it’s something they take pride in and is likely to last the owner a good many hard-running years to come.

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The Seasons, And Future

'Iron Resurrection' Has Often Been Called As One Of The Best Car-Reality Shows Around

Via TheCinemaholic

Till now, there have been four seasons of the show, the last one beginning February 2020 and ending April the same year. Since then, Motor Trend has not spoken about the show, neither confirming nor denying the future existence of a fifth season.

Season four also saw the rather shocking exit of four of the cast members: Manny, Pompa, Cato, and Shorty although it was later explained as them having personal, family reasons. Of course, disagreements with the main cast could also be part of it all.

Either way, fans are waiting to see if the show comes back on Motor Trend, because it has often been called one of the best car-reality shows around, and are more than happy to wait for it whilst watching its reruns…

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