December 2, 2022

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The Mag Wheel Thread | The Jalopy Journal The Jalopy Journal

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The Mag Wheel Thread

All right fellas… If you selected to accept it, I have a very very simple assignment for you this morning. Post a picture of your option for the finest standard hot rod at any time constructed applying mag wheels. You can selected a historical motor vehicle or a contemporary establish, but it has to be traditional.

A discussion of what is and what is not standard will only establish your ignorance, so really do not go there. If you have uncertainties, you are disqualified. If you simply cannot make your mind up, you are disqualified. If you have a major two or three, stick em all the place the sunshine never glow. Have some fortitude. Decide on a single.

My choice? Well, it may possibly surprise you… It is a 1955 Ford Thunderbird that was designed and styled by Bob Hoshiko and is now owned by Dave Simard. A great deal of people today confuse this vehicle with Doane Spencer’s very little photographed ‘bird of the very same era. Even so, they are truly two diverse cars. Bob and Doane were being near and when Bob received prepared to build his very own Thunderbird, he utilized Doane’s for inspiration.

And although I do love Doane’s auto, it is the minor specifics on Bob’s that convey it to the top. For instance, those very little bumperettes designed of steel rod? Come on man… Much too fantastic.

Regardless, your change. Decide on sensibly.

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