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The True Story Behind Dallas Car Sharks

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The show displays, four people competing against each other at car auctions, buying a used car, restoring them, and selling it for a profit.

Dallas Car Sharks is an automotive reality show which is aired on Motor Trend, which is an American Sports Television (venture of Discovery Inc.). The show displays, four people competing against each other at car auctions, buying a used car, restoring them, and selling it for a profit.

The four people in the show are JD Cole, Martha Davis, Ash Rabah, and Tommy Spagnola. Martha Davis and JD Cole are mother and son. Although they share a garage, both have a differentiated business.

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The Origin

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The show first premiered on July 22, 2013. The show was produced by AMS Pictures, one of the largest creative media companies, situated in Dallas. The executive producer at the beginning of the show was Andy Streitfeld, the senior producer was Randy Martin. In the year 2013, Discovery Communications decided to promote their senior vice president, Robert Scanlon to General Manager of Velocity. Robert Scanlon had worked very hard to promote the channel and was pretty successful in doing so. The Velocity was ranked at 46 and had conquered a big demographic of the age group that was interested in automotive shows. The other famous shows, that he promoted are Fantomworks and Graveyard Carz

Robert Scanlon deserved his promotion, he did not just make a huge profit for the company but also helped the network move up to almost 20 slots and compete against the best channels out there.

In March 2014, Dallas Car Sharks was announced for its second season, by Discover Communications, and by April 2 they would be starting its show. Dallas Car Sharks was one of the Automotive series, along with Overhaulin’ which was a similar series that was aired for the fourth year and had a total of five seasons.

The show started increasing the views for the channel especially for people who were car enthusiasts. The show takes viewers to the Lone Star state and people from all over America compete in a car auction, with all the knowledge they have about cars but still the chance of the car being a total waste.

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The Characters


Tommy Spagnola

Tommy Spagnola is a businessman who started his dream job on his own. Tom Spagnola Sr. died when Tommy was very young. Tommy had nothing to survive, but a $1000 loan from a bank and determination. He started his business. By the age of 16, Tommy already had a dealership and was considered one of the best in the state. The dealership which was the family business of Tommy was top among the other dealership. The dealership was everyone’s first choice for a reason, for its service and Southern Hospitality. The time Tommy doesn’t spend in the dealership or buying cars in an auction, he likes spending it with his family in his yacht in the Bahamas or go to the dirt track with his friends.

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Ash Rabah

Rabah is originally from Chicago. He was a student at the University of Illinois Chicago, he completed his degree in Bio-Chemistry. Later on, he went to Colombia College and completed his majors in journalism. The last thesis he submitted in Columbia college was a journal of chemistry. Rabah was self-employed since he was 19 and was one of the youngest independent dealers. Eventually, Rabah decided to shift to Dallas and opened Tampa Bay Motors Inc.

J.D. Cole

J.D. Cole always has been a car enthusiast. He learned everything about the industry from his mom, Martha Davis, and his Grandfather Charlie Davis. The thing that J.D. Cole likes about the automobile industry is the risk factor. He would bid on any car that he likes and finds an opportunity. He has invested in classic cars, 4×4 trucks, and even sports cars. Furthermore, he likes restoring them and selling them for a hefty profit. J.D Cole has only one motto, and he follows it in his day-to-day life too. He believes, “Every person has a seat, and every car has a seat for that person.”

Marta Davis

Martha Davis is another person always keenly interested in automobiles. She’s one of the people in Dallas Car Sharks who is always keen on learning a thing or two about cars since she was 15. Martha Davis lived in Dallas and learned everything there is about doing a business, her father had an automobile dealership in the area, her mom taught her about buying and selling the cars. She always had to survive in a market that was dominated by men. She struggled a lot during the early periods but was strong enough to later fulfill all the family’s requirements.

The show was a hit at first, but everybody lost hope by the end of season 2. The viewers were very excited when the second season was announced yet, the show didn’t attract many viewers.

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