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This Is How TopGear America Made A Successful Comeback

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Top Gear America is having another go at it. After the first season in 2020, delayed to January 2021, the trio of Dax Shephard, Rod Corddry, and Jethro Bovingdon are back with their show or rather new episodes on May 7, 2021, on Discovery’s Motor Trend App.

To many, the show has finally made it, after a disastrous 2017 run with a different set of hosts: William Fichtner, Tom Ford, and Antron Brown. To give you a quick refresh, these three tried to recreate the magic that was there between the original hosts of the “original” British show, Top Gear, as in Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, and James May made the show to the biggie it was. Later, after Clarkson was thrown out because of racism issues, after enough repeat warnings, the show went on with Matt LeBlanc, Rory Reid, and Chris Harris.

After LeBlanc left, Top Gear’s hosts are now Andrew Flintoff, Paddy McGuinness, and Chris Harris and seem to be doing okay.

But for Top Gear America, the new episodes feature the same hosts, actor Dax Shephard, comedian Rob Corddry, and Brit motoring journalist and motorhead, Jethro Bovingdon. And they seem to be doing just fine, which is why we feel Top Gear America has made a successful comeback. This is how…

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The Chemistry Is Different But Just As Crisp

For Top Gear America, The New Episodes Feature The Same Hosts, Actor Dax Shephard, Comedian Rob Corddry, And Brit Motoring Journalist And Motorhead, Jethro Bovingdon

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First, there is Detroit dude Dax Shephard, who loves cars so much he probably works only to be able to buy more. Known for movies like Zathura and TV shows like Parenthood, Shephard not only tinkers with cars, he crashes motorcycles, regularly breaking parts of his body. Rob Corddry is also no stranger to the camera, having won four Emmy awards for his writing and acting career. Plus, he loves cars and can talk about them nineteen to the dozen.

And while you may not have known about Jethro Bovingdon till now, he has two class wins at the 24 Hours of Nürburgring. And writes about cars for Motor Trend and Automobile magazines. And has probably driven every car out there, and more…

So this is a cool set of people, who love cars and everything that goes vroom, can talk about them and drive the best of them as well. The comparison to Top Gear is natural but there are some format changes as well. For example, there are no celebrities. The cars are the celebrities as the three gush about the ones they love.

Oh, and isn’t it refreshing to see no racism?

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The Show’s Format Is Different & Pandemic Adjusted

The Skeleton Of Top Gear America Is Modeled On Top Gear, But Of Course, And So It Has The Car Reviews, Challenges, Stunts, The Stig Et Al

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The skeleton of Top Gear America is modeled on Top Gear, but of course, and so it has the car reviews, the challenges, the insane stunts, The Stig et al. But there is no studio audience and the celebrities have been dropped too, although even Top Gear is incorporating some of these changes because of the demands the pandemic prevention has put on shooting in general.

Originally, the concept of the show was to show the three hosts: Shepard, Corddry, and Bovingdon do a cross-country trip. But with COVID-19 halting all unnecessary travel, they were confined to California, filming in a heatwave, driving cars that did not have air conditioning.

Luckily, the trio was car crazy enough to do it and worked on a decent budget that Bovingdon thought could feed and house a small army, but in essence, was pretty toned down.

And now they seem to managed to shoot five more episodes that will hit Motor Trend app on May 7, 2021.

Strangely enough, that’s one grouse people have against the show. That it should be taken off Motor Trend and put somewhere where fans can access it more easily. But would that really work?

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Finally, It Streams On A Channel Purely For Motorheads

Top Gear America Has Definitely Found A Forever Home With Motor Trend And It’s A Comfortable Place To Stay

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Motor Trend On Demand is basically a streaming service offered by Motor Trend in association with Discovery and streams automotive content, exclusively. It is free to binge-watch if you don’t mind the advertisements, but if you want an ad-free watch, you can pay and subscribe to the channel, monthly or annually.

While the on-demand streaming service has great content with a lot of the Velocity shows also on it, some people have had issues with the streaming quality. That said, Top Gear America has definitely found a forever home with Motor Trend and it’s a comfortable place to stay.

The show is gaining popularity and the audience is liking the chemistry, happy to see that the trio is not trying to replicate what Clarkson and the others did in Top Gear. And with the focus solely on cars, it seems there is even more of a motorhead angle to the show if the earlier episodes are anything to go buy.

It takes time for people to grow on you, but Shephard, Corddry, and Bovingdon are doing a fine job of it all. And the cars were chosen well to add to the whole package, like the Vector W8, Ferrari F8 Tributo, Aston Martin Vantage, McLaren Senna.

So good cars, good people, and a show well shot. What else could you ask from car TV?

Sources: Jalopnik, MotorTrend

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