December 9, 2022

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Using Carasophaguses, Egypt Moves 22 Mummies in Pharoah’s Golden Parade

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Transporting historical mummies is sort of a large offer, a undertaking to be taken with the utmost of care and attention to detail. These are national treasures. Hence, the rare incidence of relocating 18 New Kingdom mummified kings and 4 queens from the Egyptian Museum in the vicinity of Cairo’s Tahrir Sq. to the new National Museum of Egyptian Civilization in Old Cairo necessitated a complete-on produced-for-television procession known as The Pharaohs’ Golden Parade.

Arranged by the Egyptian Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities, the parade observed mummies vacation in exclusive floats in chronological buy of their reigns, beginning with the oldest ruler, Seqenenre Taa II (17th Dynasty) to Ramses IX (12th Century B.C.) alongside downtown Cairo’s freshly repaved a few-mile southbound route. Also among the team? Notable king Ramses II, the longest reigning pharaoh. The mummies were being secured from severe things by way of weather-controlled, nitrogen-stuffed capsules. Every of the 22 floats was labeled with the king or queen that it carried and was surrounded by period-acceptable horse-drawn war chariots.

The elaborate floats primarily disguised the base motor vehicles on which they were being built, but we have some strategies. Specified the huge mirrors, burly wheels, knobby tires, driver-aspect hood exhaust stack, and the presumed excess weight of the floats, the floats are probable centered on diesel-powered, armed forces-affiliated trucks.

The custom-designed “mummymobiles,” which resembled Egyptian boats, were being draped in historical motifs and golden pizazz match for the royalty they carry. If you search carefully, you can see the mummy capsules driving in (what would be) the trucks’ beds. The absence of rear wheel cutouts can make the rear axle and its wheels nearly disappear beneath the car and allows the entire body appear to float, while the reverse takes place in the front, in which a pronounced fender cutout and elaborate matching hubcab design and style displaying off the truck-like characteristics of the mummy chariot. An up-near look at shows a functional driver-facet door.

The rulers’ new resting area, the new museum in Old Cairo, opened absolutely right after the parade and aims to revitalize tourism in Egypt article-pandemic. The mummies will be exhibited in the Royal Corridor of Mummies, which opens to the public on April 18.

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