February 1, 2023

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Yamaha P85 88 – Key Digital Stage Piano Review

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It also provides many important instrument sounds called “voices.” It includes electric piano voices, organ voices, string voices and even a harpsichord voice; you can play two voices at the same time. It also has a song recording feature that is good for playbacks, studying or accompaniment. The piano has a built-in metronome; half-pedal AWM Stereo Sampling, 64-note polyphony, 10 “voice” demo songs and 50 piano songs.

One of the major strength of this digital stage piano is its high quality sound. First is the primary sound source for the high quality sound is rooted in Yamaha’s AWM Stereo Sampling. If you were in another room or unable to see this compact digital piano, you would think that the sound is actually coming from an acoustic grand piano. The best thing about it is that it weighs just less than 26 pounds. There are 4 types of reverbs that contribute to this digital piano’s realistic sound. In addition, there is also a powerful chorus special effect.

Because Yamaha follows through on GHS (Graded Hammer Standard) it gives the keyboard an authentic acoustic piano feel. Changes will occur in tone and volume, depending on how you play it. So delivery is much like an acoustic grand piano. This is in part, due to GHS but mostly this is a result of Yamaha’s sophisticated AWM Stereo Sampling technology. Like any other products, it has its weak points but sound quality, touch and feel more than make up for the downside.

Another feature of the Yamaha P85 88-Key Digital Stage Piano is a built-in metronome that is convenient for practicing and recording. Since it has the ability to record, you can conveniently study and critique your own performance for improvement. This digital piano also comes with two 6 watts speakers.

The Yamaha P85 Digital Piano delivers an authentic and natural harmonic sound. The touch and feel of this stage digital piano is extremely close to what you can get with an acoustic grand piano. This digital piano is truly a wonderful contender for any stage piano gig. Therefore, the Yamaha P85 88-Key Digital Stage Piano is proudly considered to be one of the best in the market.

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